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Compounding medication is the technique used to combine the required medicine together to suite the need of any individual. 

At times, when an individual needs a particular formulation, strength or combination of medicine that is not available on the market, a registered compounding pharmacist will be able to design the medication needed for administration.  

A registered health practitioner, such as a GP, physician, veterinarian or other health care prescribers, normally prescribe a compounded medication.  

Shadi El Masri

Head Pharmacist, Compounding Discount Chemist

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Types of compounding medicine

Compounding medicine has many uses, such as dermatological, pediatric, geriatric, pain management, veterinarian and hormone replacement therapy. A compounding pharmacy such as ours can meet those needs by offering it’s customers an easy online ordering process.

Dermatological – ever wondered whether there could be a cream out there that could help with your skin condition. Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin depigmentation have been a growing concern within the community. Certain creams that can help with this sort of condition can be bought off the shelf; however, compounding creams have proven over the years to be very useful in curing these skin conditions.

Pediatric – giving medication to children can be very daunting on parents and even on the child. Sometimes increasing the concentration to give less medication or changing the flavor can increase children compliance towards their medicine. Compounding medicine to lollipops or tasty suspensions creates a piece of mind for parents and ensures the child is receiving their required therapeutic dose.

Geriatric – the older we get the harder it is to take our required medications. Dry mouth is one of the major side effects that affects the elderly, making it hard to swallow capsules or tablets. Changing the formulation of the medicine will make it easier for geriatrics to administer their medicine by either suspension, syrup, lozenges or even troches.

Pain management – when taking pain medication for a long period of time, occasionally your body might become dependent or tolerant on the medication you are taking. Compounding the same medication to suite your needs will diminish the unwanted side effects and maximize relief. These compounded pain medications can be made in the form of creams, ointments, gels, sprays, capsules and many more.

Veterinarian – most off-the-shelf medications that are supplied by manufacturers are normally designed for humans rather than animals. Compounding a certain medication to suite your pets need that is made from the same active ingredient can be very helpful. Formulations such as creams, ointments, gels, oral liquids and chewable treats are most commonly used to treat your ill fury friend.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – as we grow older our hormones in our bodies begin to fluctuate causing unwanted symptoms such as insomnia, weight gain or weight loss, mood changes, acne, stomach pain and many more. These side effects can be reduced with the help of compounding medicine to suite an individual’s hormone levels. These compounded medicines can be formulated to troches, capsules, tablets, vaginal suppositories, creams and gels.

Why choose a compounding medication?

Taste of the medicine – ensuring children take their medication is a parent’s sole concern. By changing the flavor of antibiotics or any syrup medication suited to the child’s taste buds can play a crucial role in helping the parents give the medication to their children.

Route of administration – at times taking tablets can be difficult for children, teenagers, adults or even the elderly. Changing the route of administration can be helpful either by converting the medication from tablets to syrup, suspension, suppository and many other forms.

Strength of medicine – when the human body becomes dependent on a certain strength of medication it may be best to increase the dose. Sometimes the manufacturer does not make the certain medication in a higher strength and this is where compounding medicine works best. Compounding a higher strength anti-inflammatory cream will help overcome most painful joints rather than taking higher strength tablets that may have long-term side effects.

Discontinued medication – when a medicine has been cut off from production, recalled or even out of stock, it is important to note that it will be very difficult to find or source the intended medicine. Compounding the same medication could eliminate the dilemma that physicians and patients may face.

Allergies – some patients may be allergic to the ingredients that are used in the production of the medication made by the pharmaceutical company. A compounded medication can remove certain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Some of these ingredients may include sugars, dyes, lactose, preservatives and gluten.

Please note that all compounding medication is only made against a prescription from a registered health practitioner.

What are the types of formulations used in compounding?

Oral suspensionsLozenges
OintmentChewable animal treats

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Free shipping

We provide FREE shipping nation-wide for all prescription compounds!

Best prices

We promise to price match all other valid quotes

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